Investing in UK Land – Is it the Next Big Thing?

Investing in UK Land – Is it the Next Big Thing?

“An Idea can change your life, a catchy tagline from an Indian cell phone company.
The person who proposed the phrase, wouldn’t have imagined that it will become such a hit. And this statement has become the motto of the current investment scene around the world. Something completely different from what the tag line had in mind. Investing in land is always a fascinating area to discuss. Find out who this catchphrase fits perfectly in this hot market.

Investors around the world are often at a dilemma, to find the right and rewarding investment opportunities. Should they stay with the traditional investment assets like stocks, bonds, precious metals and commodities?  But is the extremely high volatility of the markets worth the risk for the investors?  And, in search for alternative investments opportunities and more predictable segments, investors look for options elsewhere. Desperate search for high returns, predictable assets and security, investors are considering investments in real-estate. And they are also in high demand and low-cost plot for sale in Karachi.

Investing in the land for sale market is the ‘new idea’ with potential to change lives. Property prices have risen dramatically around the world over the last few years. And the main reason is population growth and market sentiments. People’s growing desire to buy their own property is a key contributor to a sudden rise.

Why invest in land in the UK?

  • Recent volatility in equity and precious metals markets around the world is concerning risk-avert investors. And the underdeveloped real estate markets in developing countries make the UK market a safer bet. Seeming like safe haven to park investments for small-scale investors who expect reasonable returns on their investments.
  • The UK land investment market have strict regulations and is less exploitable. Which in turn makes it relatively safe for ordinary investors. In the past, only the wealthy members of the society invested in land and estates.

Types of land to invest in

Investors can find a wide range of land parcels available throughout the UK.

  • Brownfield land
    Brownfield land is the common term for previously developed land, which is a land that has been occupied by a permanent structure. Such lands are usually around and have old gas station and factories on them.
  • Greenfield Land
    The land that is does not have any settlement or any activity in the past can fall under Greenfield land segment. These are new lands and with little or no private development. Mostly, agricultural lands fall under this category.
  • Greenbelt Land
    Greenbelt Land is largely undeveloped or sparsely populated land as historically any development on these lands may not be permitted and used for usual purposes. Such lands often provide open spaces and can serve for empty areas. Greenbelt’s limit values can change in response to additional housing requirements that develop around them.
  • Whether farmland, green belt, virgin land or wasteland, buying land for sale has the potential to make incredible profits quickly.In fact, land prices in the UK have increased an impressive 926% over the past two decades.

Because this increase is also driven by strong fundamentals and a growing mismatch between supply and demand for home ownership, the risk is low.

Given the arguments above, we can say that the UK property market is worth investing in.