Vehicle transfer: How to calculate the transfer price

Vehicle transfer: How to calculate the transfer price

Are you looking for the best way to transfer your car or motorcycle ? So, pay attention to this OneHOWTO article because you have come to the right place to find this orientation. We explain how to calculate the vehicle transfer price. So, it all basically, boils down to considering two options. In addition, we offer you more information on how to make the transfer of a car or a motorcycle.

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Calculate the price of transferring a vehicle: option A

You can find some handy and useful automatic calculations tools online. With some you complete a simple form and it calculates all the expenses involved in the vehicle transfer process .

Additionally, sites like and , also list the contact details of agency specializing in vehicles in your vicinity. This will be of great help to validate the  documentation and simplify the process. Users can also confirm the information received on tax expenses and fees for the change of name of the vehicle. It makes the entire transfer process and queries easier and personalized. .

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How to calculate the vehicle transfer price: option B

Another option is to personally manage the settlement of taxes and payment of fees and, for this, you must take into account the following.

When buying a second-hand vehicle, among other expenses, you need to liquidate and pay the Property Transfer Tax or ITP .

The ITP is a tax ceded by the Administration to the CCAA and must be presented and paid by the buyer in the Autonomous Community where he resides. Also, you will need the proof of payment, to be able to carry out the process of changing ownership of the vehicle in the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) through the Provincial Headquarters.

The actual value of the vehicle, which we indicate on the Tax self-assessment form (Model 620 or 621), which will serve as the liquidable base, can be reviewed and verified by the inspection and valuation services of the Treasury.

It is very important that you calculate the minimum value of the vehicle and the final installment to pay . In the corresponding Tax Office, they can provide you with the updated valuation tables for the year 2020 that will serve as the basis for calculating, with the corresponding discounts for years of use, the repeated Property Transfer Tax.

With the liquidation of the ITP, the complete vehicle documentation and the necessary forms signed by the parties, you must request an appointment at your Provincial Traffic Headquarters to transfer or change the name of the vehicle , upon payment of the corresponding fee.

How to transfer a motorcycle or a car

Again, you will have the option of going to an agency or doing it personally through the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic).

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