Dominic West Reflects on 2020 Photos with Lily James

Dominic West Reflects on 2020 Photos with Lily James

Actor Dominic West recently discussed the aftermath of the 2020 paparazzi photos featuring him and former co-star Lily James. In an interview with The Times of London, West acknowledged the strain the incident put on his family, describing it as “deeply stressful” for his wife and children. Despite the challenges, West emphasized that there were lighter moments amid the ordeal.

Dominic West says kiss scandal with Lily James helped with understanding of  Prince Charles role

When the photos were published, West responded by publicly displaying affection toward his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, kissing her outside their London home and including a handwritten note asserting the strength of their marriage. West and FitzGerald’s relationship has endured, with the actor jokingly mentioning his wife’s teasing about his portrayal of upper-class British characters like Prince Charles on The Crown.

Paparazzi encounter informed Dominic West's acting in The Crown

Despite the difficult situation, West and his wife found humor in the media’s portrayal of their relationship following the public display of unity. They would joke about “putting on a show of unity” whenever they went out together, even if they had just been involved in a minor disagreement. This humorous perspective helped them navigate the scrutiny of the public eye and maintain their bond through challenging times.

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