Where are the top 5 casinos located in the world?

Where are the top 5 casinos located in the world?

Talking about exploring the world, people often talk about hotels, beaches, monuments, and tourist attractions. And thinking of extravagant vacations and lavish living often ends with planning the stays at exotic places, visiting the premium clubs, and trying luxurious experiences. Amidst them all, you might have missed out on some of the unique and lavish experiences and casinos. If you look around the world, gambling is becoming an exciting activity and a popular attraction among tourists. Moreover, to a certain extent, it is legal and regulated in many countries. If you are excited about living the best and most unique gambling experience, here are some casinos worth checking out. We have gathered some of the most exotic and popular luxurious casinos from around the world. Let’s not keep you waiting and quickly introduce you to our top 5 casinos located in the world.

Bellagio Las Vegas Casino

Let’s take you on a tour to the city of gambling and casinos, Las Vegas Nevada. The city is home to the most amazing gambling attractions and luxurious experiences. Moreover, Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and boasts a gambling industry of a few billion dollars. Among those renowned and impressive casinos, is the Bellagio Casino. Housed in the luxurious Bellagio hotel, the casino is quite a sight in the Vegas skyline. One of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas, the hotel has over 3000 rooms and luxurious offerings within the premises. Also, it has a massive collection of 2000+ slot machines and many gambling tables for its guests. You can try your luck at baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and many more while enjoying the hospitality of the hospital.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino


MGM Grand Casino

While we are still in Vegas, mesmerised by its extravagant streets and lavish attractions, let’s visit MGM Grand Casino. Whenever you talk about the best casinos in the world, MGM is definitely among the top 5. Apart from being the most prominent and beautiful building in the area, MGM is also the most profitable one. Started somewhere in the early 90s, it is a huge place that houses over 6k suites, clubs, shops, and restaurants.

MGM Grand | top 5 casinos

Not to miss counting the various events and gathering the hotel hosts for its guests in the areas. As for the casino, there are close to 3000 slot machines and arcade games, over a hundred tables, and dedicated poker areas. To make the experience even more exciting and unique for the guests, MGM casino has a special Holiday Gift Shoppe. While at the casino, guests can earn points and redeem them for electronics, jewelry, gift cards, etc.

Casino Lisboa

Now that we have mentioned a few of the many amazing casinos of the west, let’s catch a flight to Europe. Our next destination is Casino Lisboa in Lisbon Portugal. Don’t let the fact that it’s fairly new and not as big as the former ones fool you. Despite its size and location, Casino Lisboa has managed to make a mark on the map. Like they say ‘Great things come in small packets‘, Casino Lisboa stands true to that idea.

With just 700 slots and 20 odd gaming tables, this casino manages to attract a sizable crowd every day. This is complemented by its amazing restaurant and hospitality, gambling experience, and offerings of the complex. So, while Lisbon may not have a reputation as a gambling destination, Casino Lisboa definitely puts in the highlights. 

Casino Lisboa in macau - top 5 casinos


Venetian Casino

It’s time to fly to the East and check out some of the greatest and the biggest casinos of the era. We are taking you to the popular tourist destination on the coast of the South China Sea, Macau. As soon as you enter the lands, you can find the place dotted with gambling centers, gigantic luxurious complexes, and exotic hotels. All of which contribute to making it one of the most popular and recognized gambling hubs in the world.

The Venetian Las Vegas
The Venetian Casino is quite an exquisite place and the hotel structure gets a lot of attention. Soaring high in the night sky, the luminous hotel is quite a delight. Within its walls, guests can enjoy the hospitality of 3000 luxurious suites, restaurants, spas, etc. Moreover, spread across an enormous area, the casino hosts as many as 3400 slots and a little short of a thousand gambling tables. Apart from the popular baccarat, blackjack, roulette, etc, guests can enjoy a unique collection of games and try their luck.

City of Dreams Casino

If you are in Macau, you cannot miss admiring the gorgeous building at City of Dreams. The unique design and its location attract numerous guests and tourists to the place. City of Dreams isn’t just a fabulous casino, but also an iconic location in Macau. Let’s take you in and place some bets at the casino. The betting floor at the City of Dreams Casino is pretty huge and houses about 450 gambling tables. Alongside, you can try your luck and spend time jumping between its 1500 slot machines. The casino has many unique games and exciting prizes to keep you engaged and make it worth your while. Apart from that, you can also explore the retail stores and luxury shops in the complex. And also enjoy some delicacies at the various restaurants and bars in the building. 

City of Dreams Macau | Chipadvizor


While these may be the best and top 5 casinos located in the world, these aren’t the only ones out there. If you want to experience the gambling thrill and try your luck at a casino, you can try something local. Also, gambling and being in a casino can be a little too exciting sometimes and you can be over-optimistic. So, when gambling, you should be cautious and smart with your investments. Don’t go overboard and trick yourself into losing all your money carelessly. But, as for the fun part, it is fun and a great experience. You can check out these amazing casinos and slots with your friends and family. Plan for a vacation and have a great time playing your hand.