Goa vacations: Which casino is the best?

Goa vacations: Which casino is the best?

Whenever someone mentions gambling, casinos or blackjack, people often talk about Vegas and its exotic casinos. Sure, those casinos and hotels are lavish and fascinating and enticing to be at. But, why would you want to go all the way across the globe for something you can experience here at home. Yes, we have some really amazing casinos in India that go well with your vacation mood. There are very few Indian states where gambling is legal, and Goa happens to be one of those. So, if you had been watching Ocean’s trilogy and wondering if you could be at a casino, start packing your bags. And in the meanwhile, we’ll list down some of the best casinos in Goa for you. Also, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the great parties, music, food and natural retreats of our ‘Party Capital’.

Now that you know about the casinos here, your first question would be “Which casino is the best in Goa?”. Hold your horses, since we’ve got it all covered and found the popular ones for you.


Deltin Royale

Just imagine how amazing it is to enjoy a cruise and play your bets at the casino. Live the best of the luxurious experience and cherish your moments at the most popular floating casino in Goa. Cruising in the Mandovi River, the Deltin Royale is a great place to get the party started. The casino boasts one of the largest collections of gaming options and positions on deck. Amongst these, you can enjoy the classic poker or the popular Indian Flush – Teen Patti. What’s even more exciting is the casinos’ offerings of signature drinks, luscious cuisines and buffets. They also have a dedicated entertainment and kid’s zone for your family if you are on a vacation.


Deltin Royale (Panjim) - 2022 What to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

Majestic Pride

Looking for something more exotic and enticing for your casino experience? Then get ready to jump ship and board the Majestic Pride as it sails through the Mandovi River. One of the new attractions of Panjim, Majestic Pride is a lavish vessel hosting an extraordinary gambling night for you. The casino has a modern and elegant interior with a captivating ambience. You can choose from a wide range of international and Indian games including Blackjack, Flush and Roulette. Moreover, if you want to celebrate your wins with music and food, you can engage yourself in the special events and performances. The boat also has luxurious restaurants, bars and other elements all over the deck to keep you busy.

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Chances Casino

Did you know that North Goa isn’t the only place where people party? South Goa has its share of exciting offerings and sights worth your attention. Housed in the serene valley of Dona Paula, Chances Casino is the place for you. If you ask someone which casino is the best in South Goa, there is no chance they won’t mention the Chances Casino. Part of a 5-star resort, the place has a great ambience and an amazing vibe. So, after relaxing and enjoying the tranquillity of South Goa, you deserve some fun. Being one of the largest casinos in the city, you can play American Roulette, blackjack and all sorts of slots.

Chances Casino Black jack


The Big Daddy Casino

One of the most glamorous casinos in Goa is Panjim’s Big Daddy floating casino. Housed on the deck of a luxury cruise, The Big Daddy is quite popular amongst tourists and gambling enthusiasts. Some of the key highlights of the casino include Black Jack, Baccarat, Lucky 7 and numerous automated gaming machines. To top it all up, the casino brings an exquisite range of fine dining restaurants, bars, lounges and entertainment events. All blend perfectly to give you an exciting and memorable evening in the party capital. Moreover, you can make your experience fruitful by choosing from a range of packages to get a better deal.

Big Daddy Casino Goa


Casino Palms

Worried about getting seasick or looking for something that’s on-shore? You don’t have to worry, as Casino Palms has got it covered for you. Bringing the best of both worlds – the excitement of gambling and the lavish staycation of La Calypso hotel. You can enjoy the best of things happening around and around Baga Beach and gaming at the casino. Alongside a variety of popular tables like Roulette, Baccarat, Flush and Poker, you can savour the delicacies of the restaurants. If you are more of a classics person, there is a dedicated area for slots, arcade games and traditional gambling. Besides the thrill at the casino, you can relax and enjoy the luxury offerings of the hotel.

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Dunes – The Casino

Among the most visited and fascinating places for tourists in Goa is the White Sand beach in Varca. The mesmerizing beauty of the beach and the luxurious resorts in the area attract lots of visitors around the year. And amidst all this is a classy gambling arena, Dunes – The Casino in Zuri White Sand Resort. The resort in itself has a lot to offer and makes it a great experience for its guests. The cherry on the cake is the casino which brings a lavish experience and many games on the floor. You can engage in its traditional highlights like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. And also relish the culinary experience at the exotic restaurants and bars of the resort.

Zuri white sands resort


Goa is one of the premier holiday destinations in the country that receives millions of tourists every year. Not just for its parties and clubs, but also for the fascinating natural attractions and its heritage and culture. You can find many beautiful waterfalls and treks, amazing churches and historical buildings dotted across Goa. Moreover, the cultural attractions of Goa like its music festivals, and religious and cultural events are a true delight. Then surely we have delicious cuisines and an enormous collection of beach shacks and clubs with a huge variety of drinks. As for the casinos, the list doesn’t end here, as you can have many smaller and private clubs with simple casino games etc. So, keep an eye out for it and experience the best of casinos from our list and the other ones too.